What Culture Means to US

Culture is a big buzzword nowadays, but we still think it’s important. A strong culture is necessary to bring employees together and encourage passion. Culture can make or break a company, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that our culture not only makes us a successful company, but also a best place to work.

Our Values

Love (Altruism)

Love encompasses compassion and respect. We strive to show this love both to the people within our company and to those we serve outside of it. We are committed to having a positive impact on the lives of our employees, customers, partners, and communities. A loving environment will sustain and support our other values throughout the life of our company.

Continuous Improvement

From our origins as a small start-up to our current status as the leader in a major software category, LeaseAccelerator has continuously focused on improvement as a path towards greatness. Everything is taken as a learning opportunity. Each employee is encouraged to share their thoughts and challenge the status quo so that we can always find and act on the best ideas.

Customer Delight

We are nothing without our customers. Our primary purpose is to provide an outstanding product and service that creates tremendous value that continuously exceeds expectations. We don’t simply want our customers to be pleased with LeaseAccelerator, we want them to be delighted.

Health & Sustainability

We are committed to supporting the health of our world by conducting our business in a sustainable manner. We have made it a priority to help the planet flourish for generations to come, and we hope to inspire those around us to do the same.


We strive for inclusivity of people with different backgrounds, viewpoints, and ideas. Because we embrace a diverse set of perspectives, we are able to achieve excellence, innovate, and take on the role of a market leader.

Kindness & Fun

We know that accountants are often stereotyped as boring nerds who sit at home with a calculator all day. Sure, we’re nerdy…But we’re certainly not boring! We see fun and kindness as the building blocks of how our company functions. Through that mindset we foster a positive environment filled with inspiration, motivation, and success.

Employee Testimonials

Corinna Rost | Senior Global Learning Manager

“Seven and a half years ago I joined LeaseAccelerator as a contractor scrubbing data from contracts. My career is constantly evolving. I’ve had numerous roles, and am currently the Implementation and Training manager.  I’ve learned so much in my time here that I’m now able to teach others about leasing and how to use our software. I love my job, and I’m not just saying that. It’s more than a job, it’s a big part of my life.”

Ziad Albermani | Solution Consultant

“Something profound I realized early on while working for LeaseAccelerator was how extraordinary the culture is. Their innovative mission is prevalent throughout the organization. Top down, LeaseAccelerator is comprised of passionate, forward thinking, and driven individuals. This environment enables us to better serve our clients which is evidenced by our rapid growth. With a culture like this, the sky is truly the limit.”

Willa Foran | Account Development Representative

“LeaseAccelerator is the most exciting company I have ever worked at. Working with a team of people who genuinely love what they do is incredibly rewarding. We continue to succeed and grow because everyone who works here is able to rise to any challenge we may face. In my role, I love getting to talk to a variety of organizations every day to show them how our lease accounting solution can help solve their leasing problems.”

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